IoT is an extensive field where anyone from electronics, computer science or mechanical domain can find an opportunity. As this industry grows, more software engineers, more data scientists; and more product managers will be required. The right time to be IoT-ready is now.

Ready Products

"School Managment "

Cumitech is a companion that eases and speeds up everyday tasks for an any organization.

Hospital Managment

ERP systems for healthcare contribute to tackle industry specific challenges, reduce costs and raise productivity


BulkSMS has a wide range of SMS solutions and product features developed to meet all of your SMS messaging needs.

vehicle tracking

Vehicle tracking provides 24/7 real time GPS Vehicle Tracking Solution. Affordable software trusted by hundreds of small & medium enterprises. Track your vehicle ..

Motor Starter Controller

Enjoy irrigation through mobile phone. A missed call switches on and off the pumpset. Control & monitor pumpset, valves through mobile phone.

Drip irrigation

Enjoy irrigation through mobile phone. A missed call switches on and off the pumpset valve.

More Products

Home Automation System

Automation is a technology through which the appliances can be controlled from a remote location

Home Security Model:

project involves the designing of an electronic device that will be connected to the internet to make it as an IoT device.

Facial Recognition Door

Build an automated door that unlocks itself using facial recognition.

Plant Communicator

Ever wished you could talk with your plants?

Easy IOT Water Leakage Indicator

IOT-based project to know about water leakage on your server.

Trash Talker Using IoT

The trashcan in our office isn't smart. No smarter than a 1 year old baby which can shout and cry to make its needs heard anyway.